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History & Mission

Chalice Consort collaborates with early music scholars and musicians in helping little-known works from the Renaissance and early Baroque eras become more widely appreciated by the modern music-loving public. The Consort pays special attention to the verbal texts and to the music's rhetorical force, as well as to acoustics. Its performances also take into account the various concepts of stylistic decorum that were strongly articulated by humanist writers in the Renaissance and provide an essential part of the context in which these repertoires were composed, performed, and first appreciated. Chalice Consort aims to communicate the emotional power of this music to modern listeners.

You can read about our humble beginnings here.

Chalice Consort is honored to have received rave reviews from San Francisco Classical Voices about our performances:

"The singers are capable of eliminating vibrato from their voices without any compromise of tonal strength or quality. Their sound is good for late Renaissance music, with its extensive use of counterpoint. Each part comes through clearly — even in the Shrine’s reverberant acoustic — and unisons are electric." You can read the full review here.

"Chalice Consort...took on the challenging task of presenting an all a cappella program of music from Renaissance Spain, and succeeded magnificently. I say 'magnificent' due to the chorus' consistently accurate tuning and the beautiful pure-voiced and appropriate choral tone of the soprano section." You can read the full review here.

"The Chalice Consort was heavenly indeed, singing with perfect intonation and beautifully balanced sound." You can read the full review here.


April 7, 2010 - Chalice Consort successfully produced the first ever Early Music Mining Conference (EMMC), now called Chalice Consort Early Music Conference. The all-star panel of luminary music directors from the UK included Jeremy Summerly (Royal Academy of Music, London); David Trendell (King's College, London) and Geoffrey Webber (Caius and Gonville College, Cambridge). The winner of the first ever EMMC was Dr. Peter Poulos (U. of Cincinnati) with his discovery and edition of Quae est ista composed by Simone Molinaro (c. 1570-1636).

November 12-14, 2010 - Chalice Consort premiered "Music for Meditation and Devotion by Simone Molinaro" (c. 1570-1636) in the bay area, discovered and edited by Dr. Peter Poulos, who graciously attended the concerts with his lovely wife, Susan.

November 3, 2011 - Chalice Consort has just been named Artist in Residence at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption. The residency reflects a shared goal of the choir and the cathedral: bringing centuries-old traditions to life in a modern setting.

“We are delighted to host Chalice Consort as our Artist in Residence and support their efforts to ‘resurrect forgotten music’ that may not have been heard for over 400 years,” said Christoph Tietze, Music Director at the Cathedral. “This relationship puts a spotlight on liturgical music that was a vital part of Catholic worship during the Renaissance and whose spirit still echoes through us today.”

Davitt Moroney, Chalice Consort’s Artistic Director, noted that the music is deeply tied to the concept of praying through art, an idea that was sweeping across Europe at the time. “Chalice Consort’s core repertoire is Latin sacred music of the sixteenth century. The composers whose music is central to our mission are those who—like Palestrina, Lassus, Victoria, Byrd, and du Caurroy—were also central to the Catholic Reformation’s desire to integrate musical expression into the revolutionary attitudes to private devotion.”

Launched in 2008, Chalice Consort collaborates with early music scholars and musicians in bringing little-known works from the Renaissance and early Baroque eras back to life. With close attention to the rhetorical force of each piece and the context in which it was composed, performed, and first appreciated, Chalice Consort aims to communicate the music’s emotional power to modern listeners. The choir hopes that through its artistic residency at the Cathedral, more people will have opportunities to experience this profoundly spiritual music.

“In the hectic world of the 21st century,” said Moroney, “the sense of devotion in these works can translate into a focus on serenely beautiful music whose intimate qualities leave us room for private meditation on the words being sung—an inclusive concept open to fervent believers and thoughtful nonbelievers alike.”

April 14, 2012 - Chalice Consort presented four recently discovered or re-constructed (where 1 voice part is missing), unpublished or publicly performed pieces at the Chalice Consort Early Music Conference (CCEMC). The winning piece was Alma Redemptoris Mater composed by Anonymous, edited by Francis Bevan.

May 20, 2012 - Ragnar Bohlin has been named Director of Chalice Consort.

Chalice Consort is grateful to the following individuals for being our first donors:

Anonymous (2)
Curtis Feeny
Kevin & Julia Hartz
Alex & Jilai Osadzinski
Jennifer Owen
Len Rand
Robert Simon & Nicole Andrews Simon



Chalice Consort is honored to work with Ragnar Bohlin as Director. Ragnar's bios can be found here.



The singers of Chalice Consort come from all over the San Francisco Bay Area to sing rarely performed music together. Singers have performed in Bay Area groups such as American Bach Soloist, SF Symphony Chorus, Volti, Artists Vocal Ensemble, Pacific Collegium, EUOUAE, SF Choral Artists and others. See the full roster and read the singer bios here.





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